I’m done with Facebook

That’s it! I’m done! Tada! However this decision isn’t because of the latest Cambridge Analytica screw-up nor am I concerned about my data privacy. I believe if I have gone to the extent of posting any data (images or information) online it is for the world and eventually can and might be used against me. Hence we all need to be a little careful of what we post.


The Journey of Social Integration

This blog is an attempt at trying to capture my journey and the experiences that follow in order to establish the necessity of social integration.

When you move to a new country that is, in its entire sense, different from your place of your origin, Social Integration is key. I cannot lay stress on how important it is for people from developing countries moving to developed countries to break the barrier about race, culture, colour, religion and every other social barrier to integrate with common folk.

But how easy is it? What role does one play in their own integration versus the common folk?