That’s Me

A technology geek and an outdoor adventurer is what I’m mostly known for my name is Husain Khambaty and am based out of the beautiful city of Melbourne – Australia. I have been working with banks since the last 15 years and currently work for one of the Big 4 as a Site Reliability specialist and Non-Functional Test Consultant.


Things that keep me busy

Apart from my day job, I volunteer for CoderDojo and was involved in running one at Docklands Melbourne for over a year. The joy of teaching kids how to code and moreover teaching them to innovate and solve problems can be fun and a learning experience in itself.

I have also been involved in with non-profits (back in India) in areas of  Climate change, volunteering at schools for kids with Downs Syndrome, CP and MR and have been an active contributor to the Indian Cancer Society.

In my free time

We have about 52 weekends or 104 days off in a year added with a few other holidays. Thats a lot of days. In that free time I’m exploring the wild (camping or trekking) or solving problems technologically. I love to take a problem and solve it using electronics or by code. It’s a bit geeky but it is a hobby. This has given me an edge at work and also keep me analytical and helps me be factual.

I believe the ability to code is one of my gifts that helps me be who I am.

A wee bit of history

Born and raised in Kuwait for the first 15 years of my life. Moved to India in 2001 and most of my late teen and early adult life was spent in Pune and Mumbai. After another 15 years took a bigger leap moving to Melbourne looking for a better life and greater challenges.

Reach out

I’m always looking to solve problems – if you have an interesting one please do reach out on LinkedIn or Twitter.

I also love meeting people and talking on technology and on various real world problems. Its time we use this power we are gifted with to solve real world problems and make it a better place for the next generation.