10 Things to “DO” before I die

Well we all have this list and we all keep editing it throughout our life. Many of us have ten or more or even less. We at times are able to check every item on that list and at times keep giving reasons for not being able to do so.

This year I planned to create a distinct list of such “10” things I wanna’ do before I die. This post is about it all. I will keep updating this post in time with a thing I wanna’ do and why.


1. Travel
This year has been an amazing year where I have done a lot of travel. In my old blog – One Life Time is not Enough, I pointed out that how I realised I wanted to travel and therefore starting this year I just kept travelling. It started with Goa in Jan and Feb, Bangkok in March, Guaghar in May, Kashmir in August and then the Leh and Ladahk in Feb ’13. I have several other places I would like to visit but soon enough.

Two continents I am dying to travel are

  • Africa
    • Table Mountain, South Africa
    • Djmaa el Fna, Morocco
    • Sahara desert, Morocco
    • Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx, Egypt
    • Draa Valley, Morocco
    • Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  • South America
    • Lake Titicaca, Peru
    • Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
    • The River of Five Colours, Colombia
    • Machu Picchu, Peru
    • Iguassu Falls
    • Banos, Ecuador
    • Torres del Paine, Chile
    • Easter Island, Chile
    • Patagonia

Lets hope I make it before I die.


2. Base Jump
Yes my travelling will surely unveil a lot of opportunities to do crazy things, but this is like a must. I want to “Base Jump” and I know this isn’t possible in India. So as and when I get an opportunity to club this with any travel plans, it will surely be out there.


3. Summit Mt. Everest
This has always been a dream till date and I guess its time that I start pursuing it. This would require immense physical and mental preparation and severe committment. Therefore I’ve planned this for the year 2018 (if the world doesn’t end). Hopefully till then I’ll have planned and executed most of my tasks to achieve this goal.


4. Act as an extra in a movie
I love movies. I just love the way they portray a different universe, a paradox of what we live in or what we can do and yet make it seem so real and make us believe. Although I am not that fasinated with the glamor that the industry invites, I would love to act in a movie, least as an extra and watch myself and have a feeling of contentment.


5. Ice Skate like a Professional
I’ve been ice skating since childhood. I started back in Kuwait and then fell in love with it when I was in NY. At this point I do know how to skate but I would like to perfect it beyond my own imagination. Would like to figure skate if I get the opportunity.


6. Buy a Country House
I’ve always had a dream to buy my own country house away from all the noise and pollution that the city has to offer. The house should have a unique modern design but yet somehow have an antique look attached. I love a big bath and would want one overlooking the fields or mountains and open on the top to let the moon light fall in. 🙂


7. Proudly own a BMW
I’ve always fascinated the BMW. I love the BMW 320d for a sports model, the BMW 520d (Gran Turismo) for a luxury cum rich feeling and the grand BMW X1 SUV. One day I will own a beautiful BMW… Which one will it be? Hope my lady is listening 😀


8. Start your own Company
I would like to start my own company mostly in the IT space. Lots of ideas that I haven’t been able to work on but I’m sure with the experience I’m gaining while consulting startups I may build enough courage to do it.


9. Deep sea diving
I would like to go deep sea diving in the Pacific ocean. One of the best and most beautiful species are found there and the experience is amazing.


10. Teach to code
I would like to teach children how to code. I think this is one of the most essentials skills that may help them innovate and automate helping in making this world a better place.

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