Power Yoga – The way of life

Well I had to write about this. I’ve been doing Power Yoga since about a year now (with a gap of 3-4 months in between due to a few personal commitments) and its proved to be just awesome. I might not be able to express in words how this has changed my life, but I’ll give it a shot.

Yoga has surely helped evolve me and still continues to get better. It has helped me challenge myself and my limitations, overcome my stress and fear about failures, help me make peace with pain, both physical and emotional, empower my confidence, physically strengthen me and mentally calm me. Yoga has been my savior in disguise and is certainly a unique component of life that everyone should adopt.


People who know me closely would definitely agree that at times my anger used to be one of my negative points and me being able to control it would have been a distant dream, but Yoga has played a significant role in helping me dealing with it and if lately you’ve noticed, its just been awesome. I used to have a short temper, the one that comes quick and goes quick too, but its the moment which is bad. With help of Meditation, I’ve been able to not get angry on things that don’t really matter. Jumping to a conclusion and dominating a conversation were at times one of my self-observed negative points as well and now with the mental calmness that Yoga provides, I’ve been able to have enough patience to listen to people and digest their opinions and understand them before running to any conclusions.


Concentration is another area which has been a weak one. From my childhood days, I’ve been a distracted soul. I used to have a terrible attention span and that is why I’m such a pathetic reader (I at times hate reading books at I get distracted by other things). But using the concentration techniques such as alternative nostril breathing, tree pose and the camel pose; I’ve been able to improve my concentration tremendously now and this has in fact been a boon as it reflects in increase in productivity at work.


Motivation and Confidence are something that everyone needs. I’ve always been a self-motivator but there comes a time when you really have no motivation left within and need an external push. After practicing yoga for about 8 weeks, I’ve become really confident which has “pumped” up my motivation about life and people. Yoga builds up immense confidence in one self and a “can do” attitude. As my trainer “Pooja” always says, “Husain you can do five more” which makes me wanna’ do 10 and its this push that makes me not wanna’ quit.


Moreover Power Yoga helps build-up your physical strength and stamina. I’m 26 and my stamina had reduced due to my desk-job which I realized was affecting everything around me. Normally I am an athletic person and used to gym and trek often, but my strength built-up only till I kept exercising. The day I stopped, my strength levels would fall. Power Yoga helped me build-up my stamina and strength and let me not forget – Flexibility, it has made me severely flexible and I still need to amaze myself.


Lastly, for those who have been waiting to start with Yoga and haven’t been able to start, I would really request you guys to start ASAP as you’re wasting time in life not doing so.


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  1. Harshad says:

    Good one Husain !!! will really want to try this one now…..

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