Live everyday likes its your “Last”

Ever had something to say to someone but thought there will be a better time to say it? Ever had something you needed to do but thought that you’ll do it later? Do work and other life-like priorities end up keeping you so busy that you do not have the time to express a simple “I Love You” to your sweetheart, a simple “I miss you dad” or “mom you’re the best”? Ever thought how much we miss our friends but think that its not the right time to call him or her and say a simple “Hi – How you doing?”


Well there isn’t a better time to do it than NOW.. Yes NOW. My experiences have taught me to do that NOW.


I do remember how as a teenager I’d not bother or appreciate what my parents did for me and take them for granted and take everything they gave me for granted assuming that its their duty and complained and expected even more. I must have hardly thanked them enough for what they did for me. And I surely didn’t realise what they gave me in return – something so powerfuly a tool that it helped me grow strong – “Principles”. They indirectly taught me a lot that I will cherish a long way for the rest of my life with one great regret – I couldn’t say “Thank You”. After watching the TV Soap “8 Simple Rules”, I realised that the teenhood is an age where we are like that, but it clearly is no reason to wait to grow up to say “Thanks”. Today with my parents gone, I will always have that regret with me for the rest of my life.


I have loads of friends, so many that I can plan to meet every single one of them every weekend and still not be done. But at times I let myself get so busy that I procrastinate the simple “Hello”. How busy can I be? Yes probably time doesn’t really permit me to pick that phone in the attempt to avoid a long conversation with a friend after a brief period, but what has really made me hold that “Hello” untill I loose them or the friendship and realise that I should have said what was needed a long time ago? This lesson has taught me that to hold each of our friends high and ensure that I check on them now and again. I wish to say “Sorry” to all those who I haven’t and will soon be troubling you 🙂


My older blog “One Lifetime is not Enough” points about how much we want to do in one lifetime but dont end up doing it because we’re busy. Yes that is also something that can be referred here. Starting this year I have started doing stuff that I didn’t for years for the simple reason of being busy or not taking enough risks. Now I’m out there and living my life with every day as if it were my “Last”.


Lastly my experiences have taught me to be thankful to God. I have complained so much about what I dont have and what I didn’t get and what circumstances I’m in and what dreams are shattered, the pain, the sorrow rather than thinking about what I have and what God has provided – If I think its little, I should compare myself to the beggar on the street and imagine his problems. Being materialistic at times has taught me that it leads to no good – Just be thankful for what we have and not expect more – In that way what I get beyond my little, puny expectations brings joy and happiness and sense of contentment.


“Thank You and I Love You”

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