Live everyday likes its your “Last”

Ever had something to say to someone but thought there will be a better time to say it? Ever had something you needed to do but thought that you’ll do it later? Do work and other life-like priorities end up keeping you so busy that you do not have the time to express a simple “I Love You” to your sweetheart, a simple “I miss you dad” or “mom you’re the best”? Ever thought how much we miss our friends but think that its not the right time to call him or her and say a simple “Hi – How you doing?”


Whats with this “Smart Phone” habit?

The Emotionless Date


A few days ago I was at a restaurant with a few family members and friends and we were having a real nice time enjoying some Italian oven Pizzas when I happened to notice a beautiful couple walk in and realised that I knew the guy. He was an acquaintance; a new college kid who had just joined work. It looked like a date and I really didn’t want to intrude by walking over to say hello, so I pretended I didn’t see him.


One Lifetime is Not Enough

Has anyone ever thought that there are so many things to do and so less time to accomplish them all? Being a techy and with technology changing every second, there is so much to learn and keep learning that surely one lifetime isn’t enough. But out of my little techy world exists an even more huge world that is yet to be discovered and explored, things that need to be done, places to be visited, people to be met, words to be spoken, emotions to be expressed, feelings to be felt, passions to be fought for, food to be eaten… endless list I must say.