Whats with this “Smart Phone” habit?

The Emotionless Date


A few days ago I was at a restaurant with a few family members and friends and we were having a real nice time enjoying some Italian oven Pizzas when I happened to notice a beautiful couple walk in and realised that I knew the guy. He was an acquaintance; a new college kid who had just joined work. It looked like a date and I really didn’t want to intrude by walking over to say hello, so I pretended I didn’t see him.


Can we learn to stand in a Queue?

Over a few months I’ve been wondering about the chaos that I’ve been experiencing with people in and around; let it be at the cashier of a mall, at the railway counter, in the parking, on the elevator, at McDonalds, on the road at the red lights, everywhere – we simply haven’t learnt to have patience and to stand in queues. We simply cant respect the fact that “We need to wait for our chance”.


Knowledge vs Presentation Skills

Well the other day I was in a presentation where I had some vendor explain the features of their product which was up for evaluation. The individual taking us through the features and technical details on the usage of the product was indeed highly knowledgeable about the product. When he started explaining the features, initially I thought it was just me who was having a tough time understanding his accent; which had a heavy MTI (Mother Tongue Influence); but after an hour of the session, I was unable to concentrate on what he was saying. As it is we were on a conference call, he was just running through the presentation without taking feedback of whether we understood the topic/feature.