Technological Evolution

So I’ve been busy and that’s what most of my friends had to say. What has kept me busy was a Marathon on Information Absorbtion.

I’ve been busy reading and studying. I usually used to invest a few hours learning and innovating at home but lately I’ve geared up for a few certifications and working on creative ideas at home helps me implement new technologies. Now this satisfies two things; the urge for doing something different apart from the daily mundane and monotonous work, and yes ofcourse the main objective; learning new technologies. My experience with technology has taught me that it changes every second; literally; and if we dont keep up ourselves, we’re outrun by new competition. I ensure that in a day I spend an hour reading about latest trends in technology and give about 2-3 hours at night working on creative projects. I love experimenting with new and different technologies, tools, frameworks, methodologies, etc which gives me an edge over my colleagues and helps me adapt easily.


Knowledge vs Presentation Skills

Well the other day I was in a presentation where I had some vendor explain the features of their product which was up for evaluation. The individual taking us through the features and technical details on the usage of the product was indeed highly knowledgeable about the product. When he started explaining the features, initially I thought it was just me who was having a tough time understanding his accent; which had a heavy MTI (Mother Tongue Influence); but after an hour of the session, I was unable to concentrate on what he was saying. As it is we were on a conference call, he was just running through the presentation without taking feedback of whether we understood the topic/feature.