Blogs Lost 2015

Bad news. I’ve lost all my blogs from 2015 due to issues with my hosting provider. I’ve been able to recover most of it. If you’re looking for something that is missing get in touch with me.

Investment and Retirement Planning

Have you lately looked at your investments and ensured if you have planned your retirement effectively? Have you done any retirement planning at all? Do you have enough to live the current lifestyle when you retire?

These are one of a few questions that I ask people in their late twenties to understand and make them realize the importance of ‘Retirement Planning’. Lately I’ve come across many people that either haven’t invested at all or not done them right. In this blog I talk about the importance of investments and retirement planning and how to manage your wealth.

Note: I’m NOT an expert in investments with neither a formal education nor career in it. I speak of my experience and an early start through which helped me learn how to quadruple your wealth and moreover based on inflation rates be able to foresee and set your retirement expectation.


My Chadar Experience

I’m back from the glorified Chadar trek and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to express how I feel about the time gone by in the Himalayas. They’re way too mesmerising. “Chadar” is an Indian word for “Blanket” which in this context refers to a Blanket of Ice. I think I found my zen at 16500 ft in -30 degrees celsius. The moment I got back to the city I hated it – the people, the traffic, the noise, the heat, the chaos, the complaints, everything. It just didn’t feel right – but well this is reality I live in and here is where I have to be.


Value the Little Things

Life is short… Too short I guess and in that span we learn, experience and feel too many things. We complain, we nag, we advice, we talk, we laugh, we cry, we hurt and get hurt, we dance, we sing, we pray, we run, we work; all too many moments in life are experienced and expressed through these basic emotions. All these human expressions so simple yet the building blocks of the time of our life. Yet we learn to complicate things – because we don’t like things being simple you know.


The Indian Onsite Dream

Every indian in the IT industry has atleast once dreamt for an onsite, discussed it with their reporting managers, negotiated it with HRs, demanded it during retention meetings; and for most, they have got the opportunity as well and for some, well they’re either living in that dream or are hunting for one.


The Need for a Mobile Friendly Internet

I just activated my blog again and reviewed the vistor statistics and saw a tremendous drop from my last UI. I observed that the trend had around 80% visitors from a desktop while 20% from mobile. Out of that 80%, most were Chrome and a few IE and Firefox. The 20% visitors however only visited my main page and read my main article and left. At max, they visited my tech articles through search. So I started visiting my website from my Samsung S3 which I consider smart enough and voila – I knew what it was that made users not come back – It wasn’t mobile friendly.

Power Yoga – The way of life

Well I had to write about this. I’ve been doing Power Yoga since about a year now (with a gap of 3-4 months in between due to a few personal commitments) and its proved to be just awesome. I might not be able to express in words how this has changed my life, but I’ll give it a shot.