My Chadar Experience

Me and the Chadar

I’m back from the challenging yet most mesmerising and life-altering trek – the “CHADAR TREK“. This post is an attempt to capture my experience and some important life-lessons I was able to come back with. Let me start by admitting that any attempt at capturing this experience in words does not do enough justice to the experience one has in the Himalayas. They’re way too mesmerising.

Chadar” is an indian translation for the word “Blanket” which in this context refers to a Blanket of Ice. I think I found my “zen” at 3060 meters in -30 degrees celsius. The moment I got back to the city I hated it all – the people, the traffic, the noise, the weather, the chaos, the complaints, just about everything. It just didn’t feel right – but well this is the reality I live in and here is where I have to be.


Chadar Trek – Trip of a Lifetime

This year is going to be legendary. I’ve been thinking about doing something adventurous and crazy for a few years but due to work and personal commitments I really haven’t been able to plan one. Last year after going through a bad patch I really thought to myself that I wanted to do something crazy. And then Chadar happened.